• Arrival Time:


    Additionally, we ask that guests please arrive at Paramount 15 minutes prior to the reservation so that we can check you in, fit you for life jackets, and give a tutorial on how to safely operate the jet skis. If you have a 3-4pm tour for example, no matter what time we get on the water, we will be arriving back at Paramount at 4pm so it not only helps us if you arrive earlier, but also gives customers the most time possible to have fun out on the water.

  • Parking:


    The easiest and most efficient way to park for Paramount Water Sports is to enter through the parking garage. The entrance is located in the parking lot of the Westin Hotel, Jackson’s and American Social. Once you have parked, simply walk out towards the water and go towards the right, you will see a private dock entrance and the Paramount team members that will be on the dock will greet you and begin to check you in. If you are walking from a hotel or any other place in Tampa, simply go through the main entrance of the building, walk through the building, and when you open the doors there should be a big outdoor bar with stairs next to it, go down those stairs and you will see the private dock entrance, when you get there Paramount team members will greet you and begin the check in process.

  • Attire:

    We ask that guests please wear appropriate attire that you are comfortable getting wet in. For example: bathing suits, sports shorts, dry-fit shirts, etc. (If you wear jean shorts or khakis, it probably won’t be the most comfortable ride.) Additionally, sunglasses and hats sometimes get blown off by the wind, if you would like to wear them, it is recommended that you wear a cheap brand you will be okay with losing. The guide can store larger items in their jet ski as well such as towels, cameras, etc. Paramount will also provide bluetooth speakers, waters, sunscreen, drybags, and towels  for an additional small fee if guests  forget to bring some (again, not mandatory.)


  • Waiver:


    On the day of the reservation, we ask that guests please have the waiver filled out which will be sent to you after we have confirmed your tour, if you have trouble finding it, the waiver form can also be found on our website under the “Requirements” page.

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