• Does a guide have to come ?

    Yes. We provide only guided Jet Ski Tours around Downtown Tampa and the Bay. Our licensed guides are on their own jet ski, while you drive another. Our Licensed Guides will escort you on routes that are designed to provide optimal views of Tampa Bay without you
    needing to know where to go.

  • How fast can I go on ?

    That’s up to you. Your speed is not restricted. Go as fast or as slow as you want. We only ask that you stay within sight of our Professional Guide. While you will be following a guide you will have more room to operate the ski at a comfortable speed for you.

  • How many people can ride one jet ski?

    We will allow 1 or 2 people on one jet ski, provided the combined weight of the riders is under 350 pounds, although it is easier to maneuver with one person on a jet ski.

  • Can we switch drivers during a ride ?

    Yes. If you are on a Tandem Ride and the passenger wants a turn driving, as long as both drivers are 18 or older and completed the state mandated Boat Florida Rental Course, you may switch during the tour only at a designated area allowed by your guide.

  • Can I bring a cell phone on my Jet Ski ?

    No, cell phones are not allowed on your jet ski for safety reasons. You can leave your phone in a secure locker on site or have your Guide store it in the dry storage compartment of the Guide Ski. If you are taking the island Ride, you can ask the Guide for your phone when you
    arrive at the Island.

  • Do I need a reservation ?

    Booking in advance is required. Depending on availability, Same day reservations can be made online or over the phone up to 1 hour before departure.

  • What is the minimum age to come on a jet ski at our location ?

    The minimum age to operate a jet ski is 18 years old. You must be 16 or older to ride along with your parent or legal guardian.

  • How can I tip my Licensed Guide ?

    Tipping is optional. If you would like to leave gratuity that can be done in cash, via Venmo, Cash App or by asking to add it to your credit card on file. 100% of the gratuity goes to your Guide.

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